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Chris Schriever

First came the tumor; it’s the root of the issue.

Radiating the Tumor details my experiences living with acromegaly. The journey begins where the tumor regains its strength, working to take over a second time.

Within the posts I share my attempts to find peace of mind, to heal and my hopes for remission. I detail my thoughts and feelings throughout stereotactic radiation treatments. And continue as, well, one does in life.

Originally diagnosed with acromegaly due to a hormone producing pituitary macro-adenoma in early 2014, in May of 2014 I underwent transsphenoidal surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

I was at the beginning, and I remain today, committed to fighting for peace of mind free from the pains of acromegaly. I am determined that this rare disease will not claim me as its victim.

For more information, kindly complete the contact form below.  Wishing you and yours the very best.

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Day 0: March 1st, My Birthday

The day was off to a great start; Eddie and the twins sang me happy birthday!

I went off to the gym and then into my endocrinologist appointment with Dr Michael West — as I had nearly twice a month for the last three years — plotting the day ahead.

As it turned out life had something else in store. Three years earlier I learned I had a brain tumor. A pituitary macroadenoma to be exact. Not your run-of-the-mill pituitary tumor; however, this one was special. One of the tumor cells decided to have a little party and that party caused a rare condition known as acromegaly. I know–acrowhat? I quickly learned it’s a scary word for an ugly disease.

Anyway, back to my birthday. The last couple of months had me feeling tired, swollen and rundown; even though results from my last MRI showed the status quo, I had a feeling something wasn’t quite right. You could say I knew this day was coming,  I just hadn’t expected it that day.

I left the appointment knowing that things were about to get a little more complicated. I wouldn’t know the next steps for a few weeks.

So I did all that I know how and I kept pushing on.

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