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Chris Schriever

First came the tumor; it’s the root of the issue.

Radiating the Tumor details my experiences living with acromegaly. The journey begins where the tumor regains its strength, working to take over a second time.

Within the posts I share my attempts to find peace of mind, to heal and my hopes for remission. I detail my thoughts and feelings throughout stereotactic radiation treatments. And continue as, well, one does in life.

Originally diagnosed with acromegaly due to a hormone producing pituitary macro-adenoma in early 2014, in May of 2014 I underwent transsphenoidal surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

I was at the beginning, and I remain today, committed to fighting for peace of mind free from the pains of acromegaly. I am determined that this rare disease will not claim me as its victim.

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After changing into a standard issue hospital gown, I met Melissa and Lisa my treatment therapists who showed Eddie and me into to the radiation studio. I was ready. Nervous, yes, but ready.

There in that studio, I would undergo 25 days of daily stereotactic radiation treatments over the next 6 weeks. The goal is to eliminate any fragments of the pituitary macroadenoma that was largely removed by Dr. Q at Johns Hopkins in May 2014.

Under the expert care of Dr. Lawrence Kleinberg I remain confident this approach will kill the remaining tumor cells, including the one causing Acromegaly, without affecting my eyesight, my memory or my partially-functioning pituitary gland.

I have had complete confidence in my overall care team at Hopkins. I believed firmly this was the right decision from the moment my lead endocrinologist Dr. Gary Wand laid out the three options while I sat in the lobby at the Hyatt Regency Orlando.

The feeling I had as I approached the radiation table reminded me of my call with Dr. Wand and what a surreal moment that was. I was an hour into week-long business trip when I was reminded of my body’s limitations. It was then I was made a commitment to working hard and staying strong as long as I possibly could.

I viewed this as a part of that commitment. Let’s do this.

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