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Day 6: Superhero Mask


The Palmieri’s went home to Connecticut for the week, so my friend Kevin joined me today while Eddie tackled the morning routine at home with the twins.

Kevin and I arrived at Johns Hopkins around 7:30 am and I was called in back to the radiation studio just before 8 am. As my head mask was clasped into place Kevin, who accompanied me back to the studio, referred to it as my superhero mask. It felt appropriate–molded to fit perfectly, tight enough to prevent movement and confining to ensure my safety.  It wasn’t particularly painful, although it did take a bit to get used to the pressure of it.

I thought it would be warm, but isn’t overly so and, although I haven’t opened my eyes, I’m told it’s fairly easy to see through the webbing. I heard the door close, leaving me alone, sealed inside the chamber of dangerous electromagnetic waves moving subatomic high-energy particles that cause ionization.  I felt safe there hidden behind the confines of my superhero mask. My security blanket to health.

The treatment itself was uneventful and the tightness of the mask lessened as time progressed.  As the mask was unclasped from the table I felt free from restraint.  Released and ready to carry out the day working out with Coach G, taking a conference call or four and taking the kids to their swimming lessons.  It was going to be a great day.

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