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Day 8: The Frame


Today was interesting.

Situated on the table, secured and ready to go, Melissa patted my shin and said ‘here we go’ as she left the radiation studio. I heard the door seal behind her and realized the frame had not been snapped into place. I started to panic since the guides at the top of the frame help everything line up perfectly deeming this an essential component for the radiation treatment. Trying to avoid panic, I first moved my elbows to see if they were free from the frame’s restraint — they were.  Remembering the therapists could see me, I cautiously waived my hands about hoping to catch their attention. I did this with caution not wanting to affect the restrained stillness of my head.

I rested back into the position I’d become comfortable with as the door’s seal released. Melissa snapped the frame into the table. With the frame standing strong in its place above my chest, a new scan was taken and the radiation treatment followed.

The drive back to DC was easy and Carl and I continued catching up on the end of his sememster and summer plans. We also made plans to celebrate Eddie’s birthday over together this coming weekend.

Not to downplay the reason for our time together this morning, I have enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with friends this week.

Tomorrow my dear friend Joe joins to accompany me to my 9th treatment.

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