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Chris Schriever

First came the tumor; it’s the root of the issue.

Radiating the Tumor details my experiences living with acromegaly. The journey begins where the tumor regains its strength, working to take over a second time.

Within the posts I share my attempts to find peace of mind, to heal and my hopes for remission. I detail my thoughts and feelings throughout stereotactic radiation treatments. And continue as, well, one does in life.

Originally diagnosed with acromegaly due to a hormone producing pituitary macro-adenoma in early 2014, in May of 2014 I underwent transsphenoidal surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland.

I was at the beginning, and I remain today, committed to fighting for peace of mind free from the pains of acromegaly. I am determined that this rare disease will not claim me as its victim.

For more information, kindly complete the contact form below.  Wishing you and yours the very best.

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Rested and ready, Eddie and I left particularly early this morning to make certain we arrived in time to see my friend Larry ring the End of Treatment Bell.

I was excited, and a little anxious, as we entered the double-doors leading to the radiation oncology floor. Larry and I have traveled similar roads, both learning we had our respective surgeries just days apart back in 2014 and now here together each with twenty-five treatments across six weeks. Larry was the first to call me out as the ‘new guy’ in the morning. First telling me I’d know when I fit in around there when I learned to tie the gown on my own each morning. I liked his humor and bright outlook from that day forward.

After trying my own hospital-issued gown, I joined Eddie and Larry’s wife Ruby as we waited in anticipation to celebrate the finale of this part of Larry’s journey. I am happy to have shared this with him and wish him the very best of health and happiness.

My eighteenth treatment was uneventful and Eddie and I managed to make it back to Washington by 10:30am. As we pulled into the garage at home Eddie reminded me I was almost finished. With that top of mind, I was more then ready to start the weekend. Well, after a long nap anyway.

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