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Day 22: Going with It 


I was running late and picked Joe up a bit before 6:30am opting then to take the parkway instead of heading up New Hampshire Avenue. It worked out fine and we carried on sharing stories from our childhood both relishing in the significant roles our grandparents played in our lives.

This experience has definitely heightened my appreciation and sentiment for the past. It seems strange but I suppose appropriate.

Aside from tables jerky movements, which left me feeling nauseous, the treatment itself was a nonissue. Learning I’d been awarded with a revised prescription of 32 treatments instead of the planned 25 deflated all hope at that moment. I knew it was just seven more treatments, but I was so looking forward to being finished next week.

Ultimately it’s all about increasing the odds of the radiation doings its thing and killing any and all of the reminding tumor cell, so seven more it is.

The reality of this still meant for a fairly quiet ride as Joe navigated us through traffic on the way back to Washington where I was very much looking forward to a nap.

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