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Day 29: Final Four


Today is a big day; after a much needed eight day break, I am relaxed and ready for the final four treatments.

The break was great for me. I spent the time away on a much needed family vacation exploring Copenhagen with Eddie, the twins and a group of extended family. The long flight and extra family allowed me to relax and catch up on sleep between explorations. Now back in Washington, I feel physically and mentally prepared to tackle these final four radiation treatments.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit strange as I parked in a ‘reserved for radiation patient’ parking space this morning. I don’t feel sick. I don’t feel tired. I don’t feel anything other then normal. I suppose this is my normal. Well, at least until Friday.

Carl and I waited patiently until I was called back. The mask felt super tight today. Like it was squeezing my head somewhere it didn’t belong. Other then that, the treatment was uneventful and we were on our way back to DC ahead of schedule.

The countdown is on!

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