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Day 31: Advil 


After eight blissful, headache-free days, I went straight for the Advil when I woke up this morning having felt the oh too familiar pressure slowly building deep between my temples.

Earlier in my treatment I stood firm refusing to give in, but that all changed around treatment number 26. The headaches were just too much and I gave in. It turned out 600-800mg of ibuprofen made all the difference. It did this morning too. The headache had largely dissipated somewhere along our ride on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway.

Unfortunately, the relief was short lived. By the time I climbed off the table following the treatment it was back. It was disappointing. I didn’t have time for it either as I had busy day ahead of me. Not only was I due to see Dr. West for blood work and June’s second Somatuline Depot injection, but I needed a productive, distraction-free day in the office.

It felt strange walking out of the studio this morning. I have met some wonderful (and incredibly strong) people along this road and while I certainly will not miss schlepping up to Baltimore at the crack of dawn, there are a few things I vow to maintain. Including forcing myself to slow down to appreciate the moment, one-on-one time with friends and family and the surprising benefits of 22 minutes of quiet, contemplative rest.

Tomorrow is going to be huge. I cannot wait!

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